Jim Buttrey Performance is family owned and operated right here in Lebanon, TN. I built my first performance engine at 13 and started drag racing at 17. I've been around racing and engine building for over 40 years. I sold my business in 2006 and relocated to our new building in Lebanon to focus on performance engines and racing.

Other companies may offer similar services, but our engines have a history of excellence. We've won several championships with our engines in various types of circle track racing and we've even built a jet ski engine that holds a national title, two world titles and finished 12th in the world overall. In cooperation with skilled drivers, our engines have made their mark in performance and racing. If you like circle track, drag racing, water sports or just street performance we can help you reach your goals.

We take pride in teaming up and helping drivers and teams with DNF'S, who could not make the race, or running in the rear. With our engines we give them the ability to move up through the field to start winning races and work towards championships. We have always treated every customer like they're a part of our family, and we don't let family lose.

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